Cambridge prides itself as a city rich with history and heritage. Having one of the highest concentrations of preserved historic buildings in the country.  The city now capitalises on its prestigious university to become popular with hi-tech businesses. This is particularly in areas such as computing and science.  An increase in these businesses brings a rise in available corporate housing and corporate accommodation across Cambridge


Cambridge is a city in the East of England, 60 miles north of London known for its famous university, proud history, and spectacular old English architecture which flows consistently throughout the city in its sculpted buildings. With an education which rivals Oxford for being the best in the UK Cambridge has seen its graduates win 89 Nobel prizes from many different subjects, these universities and colleges are a huge attraction of Cambridge and most aspects of the area have absorbed this into what they offer.

The University was also the place where Isaac Newton studied and taught, there still stands a famous corridor where he used echoes to study the speed of sound and for lovers of physics, this is something worth visiting. Over 31 University campuses and colleges are scattered around the city and pull the city together, most are still used by students and many offer a guided toured which is delivered by locals who can give a deeper insight into the City and the historical importance that it has had for hundreds of years.

The river Cam is the heart of the city, drifting past the universities and connecting all the beautiful parts of the city. Many tourists will enjoy the river by going punting, where you can enjoy a local guide providing an in-depth tour on the river itself which offers unique views.

Tourism is key to Cambridge with over 8 million visitors enjoying the city each year, many will stay in local hotels, but serviced apartments are the best way to capture what’s on offer. In more recent years Cambridge has added to its experience by becoming home for many high-end restaurants all competing to feed your hunger, some of which are in the perfect locations to offer stunning views of the city while you dine. For something new to do many will encourage a visit to the Gin Laboratory, where you can infuse your new favourite gin. There are also many things to do with family and friends such as exploring the Fitzwilliam museum, American cemetery, and memorial, or relax at the University Botanic gardens and Kings College chapel. For people looking for amusement and drama they can find it in abundance on the stage at the Cambridge Arts Theatre, Corn exchange, Cambridge Junction, or ADC Theatre which all host exciting shows which rival the shows in the London West End.