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Liverpool’s one of the most spectacular cities in the North-west of England, known for its passionate and welcoming 470,000 residents as well as being the city placed at the end of the river as it reaches the sea. On the riverbank of the River Mersey overlooking the famous docks.

The city is home to two major premier league football teams and the birthplace of the Beatles, a band which locals will argue is the greatest of all time. The locals, Liverpudlians, have the Industrial Revolution to thank for the growth of their home, due to the access of the ports Liverpool quickly grew and established itself internationally in the 18th Century due to its trade in Sugar, Cotton, and tobacco with the western nations.

The Merseyside docks are now used less for trading and more for tourism, many different tours are available by boat to give a unique view of all the different elements of the City. Many places have history but not many can boast a world record, in 2001 Liverpool was gifted the Guinness Book of Records for being the Capital of Pop, with more number 1 singles coming from people with a Liverpool origin than anywhere else in the world. Later on, in 2008 it was then labeled as the European Capital of Culture due to its diverse residents who are collected from many different cultures, the most significant being the oldest African community in the UK, as well as the oldest Chinese community in Europe. This proud history can be found in many parts of the city when exploring China town or the town centre which offers a diverse example of international foods that are true to their relatives’ original recipes.

If you are a lover of history this is a great place to relocate to. There are many areas in the city centre which are protected by UNESCO and have been granted the status of World Heritage Sites, most noticeably in 2004 the Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City became linked with many world wonders and had key points of important protected in the area, all of which are must-see locations near to our serviced apartments.

With many museums, tours and galleries nearby there is much to offer the tourist industry, something key to supporting the city, with around 50,000 jobs supported by over £50 million from tourism alone, the city will often welcome over 1 million guests a year. In 2017 over 839,000 foreign travelers visited the city, this number continues to grow year on year.