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Oxford is a historic city in the heart of the south of England placed in the middle of the English Countryside in Oxfordshire. The city was originally built with a medieval centre which boasts an endless amount of remarkable old English buildings still standing, many of which were constructed in the late 11th century. The later addition of museums and university buildings made from old English stone grand in size gifts the city the nicknamed ‘City of Dreaming Spires’ by poet Matthew Arnold.

More recently Oxford is known for its love of art with the Ashmolean Museum, Modern Art Oxford and Christ Church Picture Gallery all found in the City centre surrounded by nature and restored greenery at the Port Meadow, Christ Church Meadow and University Parks.

Over 9 million tourists visit the city centre per year but very few have been able to find the right place to stay and relax, with serviced apartments now located perfectly this is an issue no more. With a place to stay nothing is missed, whether it’s the wild natural treelines in the north, the river walks in the south or waterways in West Oxford.

Being rich in the history of academia and education Oxford is home to 38 colleges and two established universities, the university of Oxford being the oldest in the English speaking world. The buildings which were once used for the students are now to be enjoyed by visitors to the city who can see many of the buildings elegant architecture, in the heart of the city are the unique Radcliffe Camera and Tom Quad. Nearby is also the Hertford Bridge which resembles the Bridge of Sighs in Venice, just a small part of worldwide designed which is on show.

Once absorbing in all the architecture in the city centre and famous museums there is then time to enjoy the traditional food and drink options nearby with an array of pubs and restaurants to choose from, some dated to opening in 1241. More recently there are entertaining evenings with comedy clubs, food festivals and events on a weekly basis to bring this medieval city into modern times.

With established bus routes, car hire companies in abundance, parking near to all places you wish to visit and a train station within half a mile from the Castle all of the best places are accessible for everyone